Should Navin be scared of Modi?

(By Soumendra Sahu)
      Bhubaneswar, 11/2 : Modi’s praise of Pradhan was the virtual projection of the senior Odisha BJP functionary as the party’s chief ministerial candidate. And now Odisha Chief Minister needs to worry. Dharmendra Pradhan is not only very close to the Prime Minister,

but also he will add lot of fire power to his kitty with this drop of hint.
      He cannot take things lightly as Congress did during the second tenure of UPA governance. If Naveen is still thinking about his undisputed leadership, he might be right. But one day he might find him at nowhere as the Modi henchman would tighten the noose on his near and dear ones.
If Naveen has not got the hint, the clear message has been flowing since long. One of the Naveen’s one time close aide, Mr Jay Panda has almost joined the BJP camp. One time, he was the main stay of finance in Naveen’s government. And the BJP has started pulling out people from Naveen’s advisory team. One such incident can be marked on Padmashree distribution. BJD’s campaign manger during the election, Mr Nila Madhab Panda was given Padmashree from Delhi. This means, Mr Panda did not get that from Odisha government and got this through central quota whne his commercial films like Babloo and Pani had sunk in the very first day.
And now Mr Pradhan is going super active on various media agencies in Odisha with contracts from various Oil companies. Things have been finalized to choke the cash flow to the BJD so that the functionaries refuse to work without any fund. More and more problems will arrive for Naveen. Some may call it the frustration of Naveen, the poster war between BJP and BJD on the occasion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit for the inauguration of IOCL’s Paradip refinery, along with the consequent violence on Sunday involving supporters of both parties, has been the talk of the state.
Even, the personalities like Shruti Mohapatra are praising the PM is no wonder, but signals the celebrity endorsement for the Oil minister’s legacy. Never before in his 16 years of unassailable rule in Odisha did Naveen face such critical moments as this time when the BJP, rising suddenly from deep slumber, decided to grab some political brownie points from the PM’s visit. Naveen tried his best to counter the onslaught, but in vain.
     The BJD leaders observations are not without reason. Post-Modi visit, while the BJP is celebrating, the BJD is busy nursing its wounds. A party which claims to be against harbouring goons proved otherwise when its workers on Sunday tried to block BJP supporters going to the Paradip meeting venue. But, this could have been avoided by quietly ignoring the BJP.
With Paradip becoming the latest battle ground, it will be interested, how the state government will take up the battle against Mr Modi.