Modi in Bargarh

Modi flashes another day dream in Bargarh, sans announcement

Soumendra Sahu

Bargarh, (ONS) : Prime Minister Narendra Modi has addressed the much awaited Chasi Samavesh, at Bargarh on Sunday has come a crapper for the farming community of Odisha’s rice bowl. The state which has seen at least 41 farmer suicides last one year has got the PM balm to shift to different sector like poultry, honey, dairy and fish farming.

Farmers of Odisha were expecting some major announcement from the Prime Minister in the wake of the announcements in the neighboring Chhatishgarh. The BJP has also branded the Chasi Samavesh as the major activity to strengthen the party’s position in the electoral map as the area is traditionally anti Congress. Bargarh which is one of the highly irrigated district of Odisha, has witnessed more farmers suicide than any other district of the state.

Reaching in the afternoon and accompanied by union agriculture minister Radha Mohan Singh, petroleum minister Dharmendra Pradhan and tribal affairs minister Jual Oram, PM Modi started his speech chanting Jai Jagannath and Maa Samaleinku Juhar and went on with a positive note for Odisha’s agriculture sector and farmers.

Citing the example of former Prime Minister of India Lal Bahadur Sashtri, Modi projected him as the architect of first agricultural revolution in India. He insisted, during Sashtri’s time the first green revolution took shape in some other part of the country, and Odisha could be the breeding ground for the second one, if it wants. People applauded him with a big crowd for the confidence. In this context poultry, honey, dairy and fish farming were suggested by Modi to Odisha farmers as lucrative options. Not only that, he put forth some farming ideas, considered as very concrete. He suggested farmers to plant teak wood in one third area of their land, for more benefit.

PM appealed people to think big for Odisha’s development. In his unique and enigmatic style Modi went on asking all Odia people a million dollar question, if they wish to prosper keeping in pace with other developed states of the country or not. Suggesting to set aside the usual “coping up with the destiny” attitude, he said Odisha should take new challenges and work accordingly. In this context, he dubbed Odisha to be a land blessed by Almighty with enough of natural resources, and directed inhabitants to exploit it for their benefit.

While West Indian states like, Kerala, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana are marching ahead in the race of attaining the status of a prosperous state, why Odisha can’t do so, Modi asked the crowd during his speech. Categorically appreciating the abundance of water resource in this eastern state of India, he laid emphasis on a proper irrigation management and assured central help in this regard.