India, China face terror threat from source in same region, says PM Modi

Beijing, 15/5: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said that Asia’s voice will be stronger if India and China speak in one voice for each other and also stressed on the need to settle border and boundary issues peacefully and quickly.“Geography and history tell us that the dream of an interconnected Asia will be successful, when India and China work together. A resurgent Asia is seeking a bigger voice in global affairs. Asia’s voice will be stronger if India and China speak in one voice for each,” Prime Minister Modi said while addressing faculty and students at the Tsinghua University here.“We must try to settle the boundary question quickly. We both realise that this is history’s legacy. We have to enhance our cooperation across the full spectrum of our relationship. We should think of creative solutions for issues that have become irritants – from visa policies to trans-border rivers,” he added.Talking on the need to curb terrorism, Prime Minister Modi said both India and China must address issues that might lead to doubt, even distress, in the relations between the two nations.In apparent reference to Pakistan, Modi said, “The spreading extremism and terrorism is a threat we both face, for both the source is the same region. We must address issues that lead to doubt, even distress, in our relation. We have kept our borders peaceful; we have managed our differences and have not let them affect closer cooperation.”