Constitution, not new govt, top priority: Nepali Congress

Kathmandu, 30/5 :  At a time when some political parties have called for need of a national unity government, the major ruling Nepali Congress has said present priority was constitution and not the formation of unity government.

The meeting of the NC office bearers held at prime minister’s residence this morning concluded that constitution is the national resolution and political parties must concentrate on it.

Following the meeting, NC Spokesperson Dilendra Prasad Badu, said, “Consensus should be made for the constitution writing. According to him, the four parties’ meeting on Friday also concentrated on constitution writing.

However, he said it is obvious that NC’s leadership will continues until the new constitution. After the promulgation of the constitution, NC is ready to give way for new leadership.

If the constitution writing is expedited with the reconstruction, political transition would end soon, he said, adding that the four-party meeting to be held today evening would also discuss extensively on constitution writing. RSS